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I worked as an artist-collaborator and design team member at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, Massachusetts from 2008-2016. My first work with the ensemble was the design and creation of puppets for the play the Disappearance (written by Ilan Stavans) in 2008. After that my main work was large-scale painting for summer outdoor performances: Arabian Nights (2009), The Firebird (2010), The Odyssey (2011 and 2012), Shahrazad (2013 and 2014) and Once a Blue Moon (2015 and 2016). For all of the large scale work pictured here, my design partner and painting team co-leader was Rachel Silverman, art educator at Mohawk Trail Regional School in Buckland. Rachel and I also painted, in tandem, the small watercolor version of the Shahrazad tent ceiling.


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